Welcome to Silvercreek Studios - the home of Merle Harstone Studio and Silvercreek Renovations.

Silvercreek Studios is the coming together of two ventures, two palettes, two forces, two directions converging into one. We are pleased to bring you art in the abstract by Merle and interior design and home renovation by Richard.

Merle, born in Toronto, Ontario and Richard, born in Hinton, Alberta reside in Caledon, Ontario, Canada at the historic site of Silver Creek. Silver Creek with its wagon wheel repair shop, grist mill, post office, hotels, and churches was a bustling town nestled creekside in the hills and a regular stage coach stopover for merchants travelling from Owen Sound to Port Credit. The population of this vibrant town dwindled after the railway line was established, however, the spirit remains, the beauty is alive, and the heart of people and history comes alive in imagination and hidden nuggets as you travel and meander the tree lined country road.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your browse. It would be a pleasure to hear from you.

Richard and Merle Harstone

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